Recap of 2008

Happy New Year to Everyone!!! The year 2008 has been both awesome and frustrating for Dave and I. Many things have been accomplished here at Fry Lake:

Dam Repairs Made
Fencing and Cattle Guard put in so the horses can roam free
Lots of general clean-up
Road Improvements Made
Trails Put In

We also had the privilege of meeting many from the Fry family. They are a wonderful family and we learned much about the use of this property many years ago. Julie enjoyed going blackberry picking with Nadine(friend/neighbor). Dave enjoys eating the blackberries and having homemade blackberry pie and cobbler!!! He actually did pick berries with us a few times and he is way faster at it than I am! All those salmon berry picking days in Alaska paid off, I guess! We also have wonderful(and talented) neighbors around here and get together with them for potluck dinners throughout the year.
We did have our first camp here in the summer! It was so exciting to see the camp used. The group came out ahead of time and helped to get the camp up and ready and in working order – what a blessing that was!!!
We also had the frustration of dealing with the oil company that drilled a well near the lake. We thought it was all over with as we went to mediation and came to an agreement, but there time is up and they still haven’t sent us the money that was agreed on. We aren’t sure where we go from here, so please pray that God will show us the direction we are to head.

As for our family, all is well. Aaron, Christen and Xavier keep very busy in Phoenix. Aaron has launched his own business doing computer programming. He is doing very well. He also leads a home Bible Study group on Wed. nights. They have an awesome group of godly friends there and we are so thankful for that. Christen is a stay at home mom. She heads up taking care of supplying meals to families that need them in their church(Palm Valley Church). She also helps out a lot at Xavier’s preschool. Xavier turned 5 in December! Julie was blessed to be able to go out to San Diego and spend a few days with Xavier and go with him to Sea World for his birthday! The huge news of the year is that Xavier asked Jesus in his heart on August 29!!! No greater news than that! We are so thankful that Aaron and Christen are following the Lord and raising our grandson in a godly home! The other awesome news for the year is that Stacie is pregnant! Daniel and Stacie are expecting their first child. Alexis Ann is due Feb. 14 and we are very excited!!! Daniel has a great job at Enviro Systems here in Seminole. He just moved into the accounting dept. He also is taking classes at Seminole State College. Stacie is still working for Dr. Holter at Shawnee Medical Center. She loves her job. They are attending the First Baptist Church here in Seminole. They have been working hard to get Alexis’ room ready! As for Dave and I, we are still amazed at the beauty of this property! We celebrated 30 years of marriage on Dec. 1!!! We are so blessed to have children that love and serve God. Dave is still working hard at getting EZDispatch going. He has hooked up with a group of guys from church that go dirt bike riding and have Bible Studies together. He really enjoys that. Dave and I are attending in Oklahoma City and we love it. We look forward to what God has in store for 2009.

Rocks along the canyon trail
Rocks along the canyon trail

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