Xanadu Exploration

Over the last year and a half we have been doing our best to prevent Xanadu Exploration from putting an oil well next to Fry Lake. They used a process similar to eminent domain to put it there anyway. We tried to get them to leave some trees between the site and the lake and to use an electric pumping unit. We were unsuccessful on all counts. We settled with them using a mediator but we got only one concession from them. They agreed to put new mufflers on both wells. They have currently installed one of the mufflers and are waiting on the one for the old well. The one they have installed has lowered the noise from that well by 12 db but it is still quite noisy on the porch at Nelson lodge. The leaves are off of the trees now so we are hoping that when the leaves come out next summer that the noise will be reduced to an acceptable level at the lodge but we have lost the lake view cabin sites we were so excited about. Right now we are assessing our options to try and determine the most responsible thing to do next. If you have any ideas we welcome your input.

Update: Dec. 10th 2008

The new muffler is on the old well. It has been for a few days but I waited for a dead calm day to get a fair noise reading on it. There is really no measurable difference with the new muffler, we still stand at about 95 db. The new well is down to 75db. However the old well has so many more trees between us and it as well as being farther away so the quieter of the two wells is still the noisiest at nelson lodge and on Fry lake.

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