Celebrating Mother’s day with ICED TEA

I had trails and roads to fix and the excavator was having starter issues. Once I got it started I knew I needed to do as much with it as possible since I would need to get a starter installed before using it again. Halfway through a hot day of work I ran low on diesel. I normally get the diesel myself but since this was Mother’s Day I took the empty cans to the house and told Julie since it was Mother’s Day I would LET her do it as a way to celebrate. It looked like I had her undivided attention at that point, but I was wrong. Apparently instead of listening to what I had been saying my wonderful wife was noticing how hot I looked. Showing how resourceful she is, she immediately dumped her entire glass of ICED TEA on me. Gosh, what a gal, she was even willing to give up her tea to help me feel better!

Some literary liberties were taken in the telling of this story:)

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