Dock Project

When we got Fry Lake, there was a floating dock that had come loose and blown to the north end of the lake. It had become mired in the mud while it deteriorated. During the heavy rains last year the level of the lake rose enough to re-float the dock and we were able to move it to the south end of the lake and secure it near the boat ramp.small-dock.bmp

We recently pulled it out of the water, up the boat ramp and George(Julie’s dad) is disassembling it and salvaging the usable lumber. We hope to have enough usable lumber to build a smaller floating dock with a ramp to make it accessible to those guests who may be wheelchair bound to fish or board boats or canoes. We have two floats with brackets for the new dock and want to locate or build a small pontoon-type boat that we can match the height of the dock to so a wheelchair can be wheeled aboard easily. Someone had the idea that we may be able to build a deck on a set of hobie-cat style pontoons so if anyone has knowledge of a set of those sitting in someones back yard, we may be able to put them to good use.


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