With all the rain last year, our dam was starting to give way. Dave has worked the last 2 days making repairs to the dam. We are so thankful for the right piece of equipment that was donated to be able to fix the dam. The track loader was the perfect size – big enough to move the dirt needed for the repair and small enough to be able to get out on the top of the dam. It was pretty scary watching Dave take the tractor out on the dam. He was able to not only repair the dam, but make it wider and taller than it was before.

1 thought on “DAM REPAIRS”

  1. That’s a fantastic picture. Up on top of the dam. Deep water to the right and a long fall to the left. There are so many metaphores that come to mind. Real sermon material there. We miss you guys but are warmed to see the awesome progress.

    Don & Conni

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