More History!


Dave and I were privileged to have been able to sit down with “Mom” and Bill Fry. They came over and filled us in on some more of the history of Fry Lake! We enjoyed hearing the stories of how Mr. Fry purchased the property and the reality of seeing it come to be the local swimming area. Bill told us the story of how he helped put the 30 ft. diving board together, but then once it was done, he never did jump off it. Sounds smart to me!!! Mom Fry told us how she used to work in the concession stand and would make lots and lots of sno-cones. We enjoyed meeting and getting to know both of them! Thanks you guys for taking the time to come over and fill us in on this piece of property. We were able to get a few pictures of them. Norma – you skated on the pictures! You’ll have to come back over so we can get a picture of you at Fry Lake! Oneita, we are looking forward to meeting you in September!


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