Hey everyone!

Our site is still under construction as is our facility. Both are being developed with efforts by volunteers and if you want to volunteer on either front, we welcome any help you can give us. We believe that as God adds His blessing to our humble efforts we will see great things happen. We are excited when a relationship is strengthened. We love to watch as God heals a wounded marriage. Although we trust God to help us apply the wisdom found in His word to promote healing and reconciliation, we hope that we can be instrumental in protecting and strengthening marriages and thereby preempt as many wounds and painful alienations as possible. Will you pray about what God would have you contribute to this effort?

4 thoughts on “Hey everyone!”

  1. Aaron –

    This is awesome! It looks great! Hopefully I’ll be able to figure it out and keep it up! Thank you so much!!! Dad thought it was great too. He was all excited about seeing it up and running so quickly! He was amazed at how good it looked. He said it looks professional – then he said well I guess it would – Aaron is a professional!!! I didn’t know if he had sent a comment or not. He left this morning for Illinois and yesterday got very hectic. Missy was running in front of us. We were in Xavier’s little green truck. She was ahead of us by a ways running on the road by grandpa and grandma’s house above the lake. A coyote snatched her up. I think the gator noise scared the coyote. He dropped her. We heard this awful squeal stopped the gator. Angel jumped out and went after the coyote and Missy was all bloody. We took her to the vet where they had to stitch up 5 or 6 different gashes and puncture wounds. She’s a pretty sore dog, but will be fine. She is so lucky to be alive! She is up moving around this morning – just moving a lot slower and not quite as much bounce in her! Hopefully she will be more careful when she’s outside now – but who knows!

    Love You!

  2. Hi Dave & Julie,

    It’s been great to have Dave out our way. Sure wish Julie was along – I miss giving her a hard time. We shared dinner and played games last night. This morning was church at Foothills. Dave and I have been talking Marriage Retreat planning most the afternoon. I didn’t know the site was up and running. How exciting is this!! I think it’s time to light the fire again – get the word out that Romantic Excapes is on the way. We miss you but look forward to hearing regular updates on the blog that you’re about to start (hint, hint):) All our love, Don & Conni

  3. Dear Dave, Julie and Aaron,

    Congratulations on establishing Fry Lake. It has been a pleasure getting to know you via the web and email. We definately plan to visit Fry Lake in the coming months.

    Keep in touch.

    God,s Blessings,

    Barbara and Ken

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