Excavator repairs

daewoo dh50 ring gearThe excavator has been having starting issues. I had the starter rebuilt and that fixed it for a dozen or so starts. I thought the ring gear was bad because it would never crank more than about 7/8 of a rotation and always seemed to stop in the same place. It was no small job to pull it down far enough to remove the ring gear. Now that I have it out it does not look as bad as I thought it would. I Hope the new ring gear fixes it. At this point I am still waiting for it to come in. According to the parts man, the gear missed last weeks shipment for an unknown reason but should be in this next weeks shipment. When it gets to him then it will ship to me. I hope it gets here before the weather gets cold. I am working outside on this and I am not a fan or working with numb fingers.

Daewoo dh50 excavator torn apart

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