Do You Have a Happy Husband?

happy husband quizCrosswalk has a great article on this. There is even a quiz that you can use to score your skills in this area:

By answering the following questions, you can quickly assess how you are doing in the marital satisfaction department.  Ask yourself if you agree or disagree with the following statements:

1. The environment of my home is warm and peaceful on most days.

2.  I drop other things (even with my kids) to make time for my husband if he needs anything.

3.  I never say unkind things about my husband to others.

4.  If there’s a decision to be made, my husband has the final say.

5.  I enjoy having sex and look forward to making love to my husband.

6.  My husband and I talk regularly about ways to improve our sex life.

7.  I make an effort to look attractive with my clothes, hair and makeup even on days when I only see my husband.

8.  I am a healthy body weight and exercise at least 3 times a week.

9.  My husband and I go on a date at least once a month.

10.  We still enjoy romance, kissing once a day for at least 5 seconds.

How did you do?  Count the statements that you agreed with.  If you agreed with 1-4 statements, your relationship is probably on shaky ground.  There are some critical areas of unmet needs that you must identify both for yourself and your husband.

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